3 Commercial Flooring Money Traps You Must Avoid!

August 5, 2021

So you own a commercial property in Chattanooga, TN and you need help with some new flooring. First, I like the way you think. As a commercial property owner myself, I know that investing in new floors can take a building from zero to hero! It’s one of the best ROI investments you can make. Here is my blueprint to saving money on your commercial flooring project in Chattanooga, TN!

Before you start, be sure to avoid these money traps. As you know commercial floors can also get very expensive as you add up every little cost. We, here at Direct Flooring, are very experienced in saving money on commercial flooring. Follow our lead, and we will help you get the quality commercial floors you want, without spending any unnecessary cash.

#1 Measuring Your Commercial Floors

Starting out, you may think you need to measure your space fully before you get an estimate. Whether you are paying one of your workers to take measurements or you are using your own precious time to measure, I’m here to tell you it’s not worth it.

A secret of the flooring industry is that every company out here wants to do business with you. We will take your measurements free of charge just to get our foot in the door. And if any company out there does want to charge you for measurements, give us a call at Direct Flooring.

Don’t waste a single minute of your time or penny out of your wallet on measurements of your space. Just request your flooring company to do it for you.

#2 Purchasing Your Commercial Floor Materials

The next money trap that you have to be aware of is your cost of commercial flooring materials. Let me be very clear WHO you need to keep your eye on – the salesman.

The salesman will be very friendly, will offer the free services such as measurements, estimates, etc. You can use the free services, but make sure your salesman is not adding any extra or unnecessary materials to your final bill.

In any case, my advice is to always go back to your initial estimate. A great question to keep in you back pocket is, “why wasn’t this discussed in our initial estimate?”

Aside from that, the cost of your flooring is very necessary. Be sure to have clarity in your project around ideas like how long you need the floors to last, do you need 100% waterproof, etc.

#3 Choosing Your Commercial Flooring Parter

Here’s the big one. Don’t pick the wrong partner! The right partner is a company that won’t charge you an arm & a leg for the materials, but will do a spectacular job on installation. If you are looking for your commercial flooring company in Chattanooga, look no further.

You may want to jump at the lowest estimate, but think about the importance of installation first. Your commercial floors can last you the next 10+ years if they are installed correctly right now.

The worst money trap you can fall into right now is a cheap price on sub-par installation. It will put a bandaid on the problem for now, but 5 years later you will pay the real price.

Here at Direct Flooring we will give you the direct wholesale price on flooring, and we will guarantee the longevity of your floors with our local service. Give us a call or stop by to discuss your commercial flooring job.

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