Sponsor of the BLVD Project

July 21, 2021

A grassroots organization is promising better days for the Rossville Boulevard corridor of South Chattanooga.

They call themselves the BLVD.

The corridor they are focusing on is the 2.2 miles from I 24 to the Georgia state line.

Businesses like Direct Flooring who are located on Rossville Boulevard say the revitalization will positively impact businesses and communities in the area. .

“It’s going to improve quality of life. It’s going to improve business quality. It’s going to make people feel a lot more comfortable to do business in the area. So you are impacting real estate value and other aspects of business,” says Jonathan Rodriguez, Manager of Direct Flooring.

The BLVD will continue to develop new strategies for economic development and increased access to local foods this fall through community workshops facilitated by the EPA.