The Great Debate: Wool Rug vs. Nylon Rug vs. Synthetic Rug… Which Fiber Is Right For You?

August 2, 2021

Wool Rug vs. Nylon Rug vs. Synthetic Rug

When you’re buying a new rug, you may immediately gravitate toward which style looks best. You finally find the right style, but then you find out it does not have the right fiber for your home application.

Johnny Rugs is here to save you from this situation. When you’re buying a new rug, how do you know which fiber is right for you?

1. Wool Rug: A wool rug is the most heavy duty, long lasting rug that you can get. Are you in it for the long run? This rug can be handed down generations. The wool rug is ideal in a living room or somewhere else central to the home where it can be appreciated. The one place in your home that is NOT good for the wool rug is your mud room. The wool rug traps particles from the air including moisture. It won’t bring before that rug starts smelling.

2. Nylon Rug: the nylon fiber can make some really beautiful rugs and patterns. This rug is almost too beautiful to be in a high traffic area. You may want a nylon rug for your dining room, office, etc.

3. Synthetic Rug: is the synthetic fiber right for you? Are you looking for style without wanting to break the bank? Look no further. Synthetic rugs come in very colorful and modern styles. Synthetic rugs are adaptable so they can usually be cut to size, include fringe or no fringe. This will be your cheapest fiber for a rug. A synthetic rug will be perfect for your bedroom or a cheaper home improvement project.